How Are They Made?

Paul turning a pen on lathe

Making pens is something that most people think is left to manufacturers. When I display my pens the most common reaction is, “Wow, you made these!? How do you do that?”

A pen starts out as a long rectangular block of material called a pen blank. The blank can be made of wood, acrylic, poly-resin, corian or even pine cones. After you have selected your pen blank there are several steps to go through before you can start shaping the pen. The blank needs to be cut to the size of the pen. This is different for every style of pen (slimline, cigar, atlas etc.) and can be either one or two pieces.

After cutting the blanks down to the proper size, they have to be drilled right down the middle. This is the hole for the pen mechanisms, such as where your ink goes. After the hole has been drilled through the blank the metal tubing has to be inserted and glued into place. It is now time to spin the pen!

Pen being spun on lathe

Pen is being turned on a lathe

The pen blank is placed onto a lathe and carefully “carved” down to the right size and shape with special tools. After the desired shape and size is achieved the pen goes through a┬árigorous sanding process that involves over 10 different types of sand paper! This is what makes each and every one of our pens shine with beauty.

When the “spinning” process is done the pen is taken off of the lathe and assembled. Each pen gets a different finish that is hand picked to match the pen blank to ensure the highest quality pen possible.

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  1. Eric & Charlee June 5, 2014 at 2:16 am #

    We saw you at Art Walk tonight…. AWESOME.
    Love your work. Keep it up. Hope to buy some soon.

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